Our Classes

Below is a list of all the different Dance Classes offered by Antonia’s Dance Studio. Just click any link for a discription below each title. 

Introduction to both movement and rhythm in a fun, nurturing environment. This class is designed for 3 and 4 year olds to establish a sense of rhythm, build better coordination, establish right and left directionality, and improve gross motor skills.

Introduction to the basics of ballet technique. This class will develop poise, flexibility, coordination, grace and imagination.

Follows recommended pedagogues based on Russian and British classical techniques. This class is structured on progressions in barre, center floor adagio, turns, leaps and jumps.

Taught in traditional Broadway and rhythmic styles. Focus is on sound clarity, precision and rhythm patterns. Dancers will also establish listening skills, rhythm, timing and stage performance.

This class concentrates on proper body alignment, flexibility and extensions. Intermediate and advanced classes depend on ballet technique and include various jumps, leaps and turns incorporated into the choreography. Dancers will achieve clean body lines, balance and coordination.

Focusing on the popular, urban, youth culture style of dance, originating on the street. A more isolated style of dance with sharp accents and lots of style. Featuring high energy and popular music.

Balance, body alignment and muscle memory will be explored to express lyrical qualities of movement. Dancers will develop strength and flexibility while acquiring solid dance technique. Must have previous training in ballet and/or jazz. This choreography challenges dancers to explore their personal artistry through expressive movement.

Incorporates elements from many styles of dance. Various changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used. Contemporary dance involves both ballet and modern technique and also utilizes contact – release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

or Breakdancing was originally named B-Boying / B-Girling, and currently goes by all of these names. Breakin’ is one of the original four elements of hip hop culture. This dance style is great for anyone age 5 and up. It is the physical expression of hip hop music that allows for a dancer to utilize rhythm, coordination, power, strength, balance, and character. Learning the art of breakin’ allows the dancer to be free in their own style, as well as enhance the traditional dance attributes that relate to dance training and choreography.