Below you will find a list of some the websites to the tiny house community that offer courses and workshops to help you learn more about Tiny Houses.

Just click on the link in the accordion and it will open up to a description of what each website offers.


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Dykes With Drills

Dykes With Drills

Offering both online and in house classes.

They also have a summer camp (7 days, 6 nights), where you have a full week of education.

This camp is open to anyone who identifies as non-cisgender male, including women, transgender men, and non-binary and/or gender nonconforming people. If you have any questions about who can attend this camp please reach out to us.

Camp participants stay over for the week (tent camping) and have all meals provided.

  • $1350
    *Price includes all food and beverage and supplies need for the week.

They have a complete calendar of online and in house events listed on their website. They are located in San Francisco.

Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Home Builders

THB has a complete 2 day course for $399. They go to various locations, so check their website for dates and locations.

Gain the experience and confidence to build your very own house by working with real materials and tools.

This is a very popular course that usually sells out.

THB also offers online classes. Many of these classes are free!

Wild Abundance

Wild Abundance

The Wild Abundance is located in the Southern Appalachian mountains, just 25 minutes north of Asheville, NC.
 You get to choose from an intense 10 Days of Hands-On Building, which includes 20+ Hours of Online Instruction. The workshop cost ranges from $1200-$2400 depending on where you stay during the 10 days.
The 10 day course usually sells out so plan ahead if you are interested in this workshop.
Another option is their online class for tiny houses. You get all the same information as their 10 day workshop.
The onsite and online options  also include classes for gardening, survival skills, foraging, hide tanning and much more. 
Vermont Tiny Houses

Vermont Tiny Houses

Peter King is the owner of VTH.

He came up with an ingenious idea. For the past 10 years, he has had customers hire him to come to their property and build a Tiny House for them.

He then offers a 2 day workshop that shows people how to make a Tiny House. Most of the materials are pre-cut to make things go much quicker for each project.

He shows the customers what tools and materials they will need to build their own Tiny house and how to use them.

The cost of this 2 day workshop is $250. Lodging is not provided.



Yestermorrow is a design/build school located in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. It is part of the unceded territory of the western Abenaki tribe. The school offers online and hands on classes for carpentry, design and more.

They have many options for student housing at cheap rates.

Check out the website for a full list of options available.

Build Tiny

Build Tiny

Build Tiny has a 3 day workshop which costs $450. This cost includes meals and on-site primitive camping. There is a local bed & breakfast also available for an extra charge. They are located in Berryville, Virginia.

The 3 day workshop includes building a Tiny House on wheels and a Schoolie.