Is it legal to have a tiny house?
Buildings are generally required to be more than 70 square feet in size, but in some areas they are required to be at least 1,000 square feet. The square footage required also depends on which county or city you’re planning to build in. In some places, it’s illegal to build a home smaller than a certain square footage.
Depending on where you are living. This statement may or may not be true. From state to state it varies drastically.
Below are a few websites that have turned their attention to this issue. Some of these are very thorough and give a state by state assessment of what the rules and codes are.
Keep in mind that rules and codes are changing all the time. what was required in 2018, may not be required in 2021. So keep up to date.
To go to each site just click the title for each site.


This is a great site with a explanation for each states codes and regulations. They have a blog on different Tiny House topics. They also have Tiny House Plans for you to buy if your looking.


Green Maters doesn’t give you a state by state run down, but does focus on the more friendly states to choose from and also not so friendly.

As the name suggest Green Matters does have some great blogs to choose from which help you with going green.


Tiny Heirloom is a construction company that makes Tiny Homes. 

They even have their own T.V. show on HGTV (Tiny Luxury)

Tiny Heirloom has some great suggestions as to what to consider when looking for a place to put your Tiny House. It does also have some information on different states, but not all of them. 


All About Tiny Houses is another site that does a great job on a complete list of the states. It is very impressive.

They like so many of the other sites have some great blogs and also sell Tiny House plans, etc.


The Tiny Life has an article on some of the Myths about Tiny regulations. It’s very informative.

Tiny Life has some of the best articles out there on Tiny Living. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Livabl is website from those folks up north in Canada. It discribes the situation in Canada. It’s not that easy to find legal places to bring or build your Tiny House.

You do need to do your homework. It is something that can be done. Every year they are getting better.

Livabl does have some other great blogs on Tiny House living so check em out.