Like the Tiny House movement, the Green movement is also picking up momentum as we see our planet become more and more polluted by mankind. We all need to do our part.

Here are some websites that cater to the Green movement. They have plenty of ideas on how your carbon footprint can be less of a burden on our planet.

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Smart Healthy Green Living is made up of the best home, garden, and lifestyle content from independent content creators across YouTube and more. We’re curating content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging. From high-end architecture and sustainable home building to DIY and gardening and everything in between.


We’re all learning how to be better to our Earth. Here, we share tips on how to make the greenest decisions that affect your home, family, and community, and hear stories from people who have already put their Earth-conscious ideas into action.


Green Living Magazine is a wealth of information. You can purchase the print version which includes 10 issues (1 Year) for $24.99  or if you like the digital version is $12.00. They also have single issues for $5.99. The price goes down if you subscribe for multiple years.

You also can just go to their website and read a ton of articles from previous issues.

Their menu of choices include Good, Health & Wellness, Style, Savor, Travel, Design, Technology, Products  & Events.


Green Living Ideas is a website based around the Green Living Ideas Book. You can purchase the softcover version for $6.99 or the PDF version for $2.99.

The website itself has articles from the book that you can access for free under Green Living and Healthy Kitchen

Learn hundreds of ways to green your life and home, in an easy to follow, pictorial format with clear explanations of how much you could save.  Eliminate toxins, save money, save the planet. Win-win-win!