things to consider when Choosing the right daw

daw stands for
digital audio workstation


Money, Money, Money, How much are you wanting to spend on this new toy? Fortunately there are FREE DAWS to get your feet wet and deal with the learning curve. There are also free trial versions with plenty of tutorials on youtube to baby step you.

What Do You Want To Do With Your Daw? Songwriting, Live Performance, collaboration, mastering songs, etc. Some daws have more bells and whistles to help you do these.

What Genre Of Music Are You Interested In? Once again some of these DAWS are geared towards types of genres.

How Much Do You Already Know About Music? There are daws with amazing bells and whistles to help the musician that doesn’t know what a diminished 7th is, but with one finger you can play it and 10,000 other chords with some DAWS.

My advice would be to start off slow and cheap, unless you already have musical experience working with daws and know what you want.

Once you pick a daw, stick with it and try to master it as best you can. You have tons of youtubes, user forums and free and paid for music courses to help you learn. Once you’ve mastered one daw, the next daw will be much easier. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most musicians enjoy helping each other.

Here is a list of what I consider the best and the cheapest daws out there.

Hope This Helps! Good Luck With Your Musical Journey!!




This is a great DAW with some great features.

Click the features button above for a more thorough review.

It has a fantastic community of members

devoted to helping others get the most of this open source DAW.

  • Feature Ardour Limit Limiting System Features
    Number of tracks No Limit Disk system, CPU
    Number of busses No Limit CPU
    Sample Rate No Limit audio interface
    Channels No Limit audio interface, CPU
    Sends/Inserts Per Track No Limit CPU
    Plugins Per Track No Limit CPU
    Latency No Limit Hardware, BIOS, OS kernel, video drivers, Wifi drivers.


With the free version of Zenbeats, you get music production essentials plus the ability to purchase additional loops and presets in the Zenbeats In-App Store. When you’re ready to expand, there are three ways to unlock the full Zenbeats experience:

ZC1 is a new plug-in synthesizer using Roland’s ZEN-Core Synthesis System. Available in Zenbeats as a free instrument, ZC1 has 60 presets and a sleek touch-based interface.




Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media.

Export / Import

Import, edit, and combine sound files. Export your recordings in many different file formats, including multiple files at once.


Support for LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect plug-ins. Effects can be easily modified in a text editor – or you can even write your own plug-in.


Easy editing with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. Also unlimited sequential Undo (and Redo) in the session to go back any number of steps.


Real-time preview of LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit (macOS) effects. Plug-in Manager handles plug-in installation and addition/removal of effects and generators from the menus.


Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using the keyboard. Large range of keyboard shortcuts.


Spectrogram view mode for visualizing and selecting frequencies. Plot Spectrum window for detailed frequency analysis. Support for Vampanalysis plug-ins.




SoundBridge: Digital Audio Workstation

We designed SoundBridge with one thing in mind – simplicity.

We built a DAW for musicians with easy access to all essential tracking, sequencing, editing and mixing features.

On top of that, we met all the professional industry standards and offered complete third-party VST and low-latency/high-fidelity audio driver support.

We prepared for multi-touchscreens by adding original hand gestures to support devices such as the Microsoft Surface.

The best part is, you may download SoundBridge for Mac or PC in 32 and 64-bit formats for free.



  • Compose music on Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface
  • Note playback via MIDI or typing keyboard
  • Consolidate instrument tracks using Beat+Bassline Editor
  • Fine tune patterns, notes, chords and melodies using Piano Roll Editor
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Import of MIDI files and Hydrogen project files
  • Built-in 64-bit VST instrument support with 32-bit VST bridge (64-bit Windows)
  • 16 built in synthesizers, including emultations of Roland ® TB-303, Commodore 64 ® SID microchip, Nintendo ® NES and GameBoy, Yamaha ® OPL2 chip and more
  • Embedded ZynAddSubFx: Polyphonic, mutlitimbral, microtonal, multi-voice additive, subtractive and pad synthesis all in one powerful plugin
  • Native multisample support for SoundFont ® (SF2), Giga (GIG) and Gravis UltraSound ® (GUS) formats for high quality instrument patches and banks
  • Drop-in LADSPA plug-in support
  • Drop-in VST ® effect plug-in support (Linux and Windows)
  • Built-in compressor, limiter, delay, reverb, distortion and bass enhancer
  • Bundled graphic and parametric equalizers
  • Built-in visualization/spectrum analyzer



Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together.
It’s as simple as that.

It has a huge community of musicians just waiting to work on your songs with you.

It has it’s own engine for real time collaborations around the world.




What an amazing gift to the musical world!!

CAKEWALK has been around for 30 years.

Enjoy unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument, Loop, and Auxiliary Tracks in every project.

Experience the industry-best audio engine, VST3, Touch and all the leading technologies.

This free DAW is amazing!!




There are no restrictions what so ever with WAVEFORM.

You get access to unlimited track count, add popular plugins and enjoy the deeply capable feature set.

If you want to step things up, you can get a free trial of the PRO version for 90 days.




  • Intuitive single-window work environment with quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support
  • Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, virtual instruments, and FX channels
  • Powerful Presence XT virtual sample-player for keyboard and synth sounds
  • Patterns allow for intuitive drum and melody composition via familiar drum machine/step-sequencer style UI
  • NEW! Completely redesigned Native Effects plug-in suite.



This is one of the big  boys of the free DAW community. Unfortunately it’s for Mac only.

GarageBand’s GUI has remained remarkably similar since its Inception in 2004.

Despite only being around since 2004,

Apple’s entry-level DAW GarageBand is firmly established as a favourite software package for beginners and professionals alike.

The story of GarageBand starts with Apple’s purchase of Emagic in July 2002.

If you have a Mac look no further. This has all the bells and whistles you’ll need.

Click the features button above to see what I mean.