14 Days


It took 14 days to let you confiscate my mind.

Was a pleasure cruise we were going thru.
Then you turned this poor boy blind.
I’m searching for my reason. My mind has lost control.

I try to calm my wandering thoughts
But the drama soon unfolds.



It took 14 days to let you occupy my heart.

Johnny he done told me this would happen from the start

He said you were a little witch
And soon would take control.
Before too long I’d sing your song
And play your every role.


It took 14 days to drain me, my money’s all run dry

Every stitch you wear, your colored hair
I happily supply.
I keep trying to confront you, let you know the way I feel

My words keep looping in my brain
But I’m a prisoner to your will.




Did you break me just for fun
Are you always on the run.
Chasing after another fool to get your potions spun.

Is there more to come my way
Is your laughter just for play.
Spinning webs around my heart

Til I can’t pull away.


It took 14 days to fool me with all your little lies.

Promises would soon be broke,
The laughter soon would die.
I’m struggling to keep afloat here. I’m grasping at the line.

I stare into your dampened eyes and tell myself it’s fine.




Steve Rice 9/26/18