Below you will find some of my music that I have made with various musicians.

Thanks to KOMPOZ.COM, I am able to enlist the help of musicians from around the world. We help each other improve our songs. It’s a great collaboration website.

To find out more about who played what on each song just click the picture. It will take you to the songs page on Kompoz.com

Graphic Designs
14 Days KOMPOZ

by Rice/Jackson


by Rice

lyrics missing

Mountain Moon KOMPOZ
Hurts So Good KOMPOZ
Every Dog Has It's Day KOMPOZ
Fools Gold KOMPOZ

by Rice

Lyrics missing

Freedom Never Let Her Stay KOMPOZ

by JustVera / Rice

Dancing With The Fairies KOMPOZ

by Rice

Hot Saturday Night KOMPOZ

by Graiouf / Rice

Break Da Hold KOMPOZ

by Rice

Just Dreaming KOMPOZ

by JustVera / Rice

She's All I See KOMPOZ

by Rice

It's Cold Outside KOMPOZ

by Dugan / Rice

The Beaten Path KOMPOZ

by Ipft / Rice

This Is Now My Heart KOMPOZ
Graphic Designs
Whispers in The Night KOMPOZ