Hurt So Good

Well you shake it and strut
As you start your show
The boys at the bar scream
As your peeling off your clothes.
So you touch your toes lick your lips real mean

As I watch from the side and begin to scream


Yeh it hurts hurts so good
It hurts so good baby it hurts Hurts so good it hurts so good.


Was two years ago I used to come here a lot.

Just watching you dance babe It got me so hot.

So I made a play in a genuine way

Three weeks later you moved in to stay.




Why I came here tonight I really don’t know.

You flash all that flesh and it’s hurting me so.

Dreaming bout yesterday and the life that we led.

Babe our house was a home but now that life’s dead.




Was six months ago we were still living together.

You quit your job lord that made me feel better.

Then the shit hit the fan and you moved on your own.

Now I back at this bar lord I’m turning to stone.




Well my head thinks of leaving but my heart wants to stay

It’s still bumping and beating to the tune you play

And you play it so well as you torture and tease me
You used to tell me you loved me now you just tell me to leave.




Steve Rice