Just Dreaming


She called from across the stream

What’s your name, will you play with me?

I just stood there mesmerized.
A shy little boy, at the age of nine.


That’s the way it began.

Soon we were holding hands And dreaming just dreaming

Now our hair, it’s turning grey. How I miss those simple days.

Dreaming just dreaming.


The actors, yeh they’re still the same.

But now, we’re playing grown up games.

I still hold you close at night.
You listen to my dreams of flight.

My best friend through thick and thin.

Your lover’s touch, it never ends.

And dream we do again just dreaming


I love the way your body moves

As you look back and bend

You now just what to do
To put my head in a spin.

Give it all back to me
As we chase our dreams


What I need, what I need,

what I need Is your sweat dripping in my eyes.

What I need is your laugh
That I can’t describe
What I need is your smile to never fade.

What I need is you here til my dying day.


Find me, I’m hiding somewhere close.

You need to find me.
Look in between the sheets, find me,

I’m never out of reach.
Find me, your such a little tease

Find me,

I’m just a kiss away.


STEVE RICE 8/10/16