I have been a member of Kompoz.com for a few years. It’s a great site for collaborating with musicians around the world. Anyone can join Kompoz for free. The Kompoz MP3’s Page has most  of my music that I made on Kompoz. It is devoted to all the collaborations that I have with Kompoz. These are mainly artists that have the music for a song but need a singer and a lyricist. On these songs I will come in as a singer/lyricist and also come up with the vocal melody. Some of the songs I wrote myself and recorded them with the help of Kompoz Musicians from around the world. Each song has a “lyrics” button that takes you to the lyrics page for the song. The other is a “Visit Kompoz” button that takes you to the actual Kompoz page for each song. These pages have details about each song with who played what, etc. I haven’t had any collaborations in almost 2 years because of Covid and moving around. I plan to get back into it in 2021. I will be posting new music as I complete new projects. I hope you enjoy the music.